Community Impact

Our goal is to connect and empower communities through technology, engage with communities in the ownership of critical infrastructure, provide capital and investments, and offer resources to assist rural and remote communities thrive in the 21st Century.

We are a Community-owned Internet Network Company.

We love connecting with communities, their leadership, and their people. We are passionate about helping local Canadians living in rural and remote areas realize a positive and sustainable change. Our management team comprises of First Nation leaders, community economic developers, and experienced telecommunication executives. Together, we will connect and empower communities through technology, engage with them in the ownership of critical infrastructure, provide capital and investments, and offer resources to assist rural and remote communities thrive in the 21st Century.

Our Timeline & Commitments

Within such a short period of time, We have partnered with different government units and trusted organizations throughout Canada.

  • 2020

    In early 2020, Crown Capital Partners recognized that many rural and remote communities did not have critical infrastructure that provided fast, future-ready Internet and communication services that residents needed. In response, Crown established Community Network Partners.

  • February 2020

    In February 2020, Community Network Partners, entered into its first Memorandum of Understanding with the Northeast Superior Regional Broadband Network (NSRBN), a consortium of nine (9) communities, five (5) First Nations and four (4) municipalities located along the Northshore of Lake Superior in northern Ontario.

  • Early 2021

    From its roots in building networks for Canada’s largest carriers, Community Network Partners is supported by nationally managed businesses that share a collective vision for a secure and sustainable broadband future. These partnerships are what allow us to provide customers with affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art service.

  • May 2021

    On May 17th, 2021, Community Network Partners announced that it had named Melanie Pilon as it’s new Community Relations Manager. She is an experienced economic development professional with a background working with rural, remote and First Nation communities. Her appointment officially initiated the launch of Community Network Partners across Canada.

  • Summer 2021

    A Community Network Partners pre-sales campaign will begin in the summer of 2021 for our first two community partners; The Corporation of the Township of Dubreuilville and Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg First Nation. The goal of pre-sales support is to generate buzz and help us to back up this special business venture. Both communities are recognized for being innovators and paving the way towards economic reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

  • Late 2021

    Led by Jon D’Alessandro, President; Community Network Partners intends to build critical infrastructure bringing broadband connection to rural and First Nation communities across Canada. Community Network Partners will continue to support our community partners by providing necessary resources, including technical expertise and capital support.

Our Values

  1. Community engagement is essential for creating community-based solutions that will stand the test of time.
  2. Community Network Partners is committed to locally targeted and inclusive hiring and procurement practices in all areas of the business from the construction to sales and service.
  3. Increased community engagement is key to understanding and managing project risks and solving conflicts more effectively.

Our Mission

  1. To connect and empower communities through technology;
  2. To engage communities in the ownership of critical local infrastructure;
  3. To support community partners with technical expertise and capital support;
  4. To provide necessary resources for communities to action immediate solutions.

Our Vision

To collaboratively build broadband networks with our partner communities, improving economic growth, resiliency, and improving access to health and education services systematically bridging the digital divide for rural and remote Canada.

Our Partners

Community Network Partners aims to meet the social and economic development priorities that enhanced connectivity to the community brings, while providing various financial benefits designed to support the community’s budgetary needs.

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